Saturday, January 31, 2009


It’s spiralling, rushing and swimming under O’Connell Bridge,
Litter in the water, where nothing lives.
I’m watching, waiting for something else to happen.

Today on the news, in the one breath, was recession,
And a young girl scared forever by a knife and her father’s blood.
While, unknowing, somewhere close by a baby stirs,
His face wet with his mother’s tears.

Moscow sees protestors beaten in the streets
And just across the sea are the beginnings of things unravelling
With English jobs for English workers, and the starting seeds of hate
Worming their way into everything.

The front page of today’s Irish Herald was concerned
With the antics of naked students in the streets
And breathing out toxic celebrity rubbish,
Oblivious to a world that is bleeding change.

The wind is cutting into my cheeks, watering my eyes
And the litter in the water looks almost beautiful,
Catching the light like a lie, the river sending it away
Cleaning Dublin again, and it is starting to rain.

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