Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is the world coming to?

I went to the Doctor today because I have contact dermatitis and wanted a prescription for Betnovate which has solved this problem before, sounds simple. Instead of dutifully writing said prescription (in exchange for the €50 it now costs me to go to the doctor) my doctor asked if I had tried Nettle tea… nettle bloody tea!

Now, I couldn’t react as I normally would (this woman does my smear tests and I didn’t want to upset her) but seriously? This is an actual doctor.

Seeing that I wasn’t going for the whole nettle tea idea she sighed and recommended instead that I think about something called ‘Rhus toxicodendron’. I thought that sounded fairly medical and my interest was peaked, what exactly is Rhus toxicodendron then?

It’s a fecking homeopathic treatment derived from poison ivy. Homeopathy, my actual real life medical doctor is recommending that I try a homeopathic treatment.
I left, and I didn’t get my prescription, or my €50 back.

Does anyone know a good doctor in the greater Dublin area?

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