Thursday, November 13, 2008

Self indulgent poetry.

If you had only talked about
The black cloud that you were under
I would have told you that for three years
That I barely remember
I lived in a haze of alcohol
And illegal self medication.

I would have been honest
And said I drink to much
So I don't have to think so often
And admitted that sometimes
Everyone thinks their world is ending.

I would have explained that I didn't cry
Becuase I am afraid that once I begin
The tears will overtake everything.
I would have said that I also miss him,
I'm not as heartless as I seem.

What you are feeling has been felt before
And cannot be outrun and forgotten
With just three lines to tell the reason.

If you had talked I would have understood,
And held your hand, let tears fall.
You wouldn’t have run away at all.

If you had a heart you would call.

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