Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mother protests at theatre hanging scene

I recently went to see Magic Macabre in the Olympia theatre in Dublin, (which was a great show) and then went away on holidays so missed all the furore that followed. Basically one of the tricks in the show involved the magician being apparently hung by the neck from the top of the theatre, prompting protests outside, firstly by one mother who was then joined by others who felt that this made light of suicide and could negatively influence teenagers. Firstly (and perhaps unimportantly if all you want to do is complain about something) this wasn’t a suicide, it was an execution scene, but no matter my real issue is the need people have to protest about these things.

I spoke to a friend who had gone along to protest (she hadn’t seen the show and I would also like to point out didn’t attend any of the protests about the unfairness of taking medical cards from over 70’s in the recent budget, or the reintroduction of 3rd level fees). I asked her why she was offended; she muttered something about disrespect and making light of peoples grief, pointing out that if I a history of suicide in my family I would understand and would have been offended also. Well as it happens I have and I wasn’t.

I get incredibly frustrated by this need people have to get into a lather about ‘issues’ such as these, protest is a powerful tool and should be used to full effect to address what really matters, and not to air unsubstantiated grievances with little or no concern for the reality of the situation.
Perhaps we should organise and have a protest about the protestors? How about next Friday, we can have it in my house. Bring a bottle of wine and your family and we will vent our frustration by beating the children.

(I'll give ya something to protest about!)

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