Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Poem: Little Things

If I have the ability at all to create something beautiful, then I will.
It is far easier to condemn and be critical, the world leans that way
And sometimes we are drowning in stupidity. 

Then there is a moment, a little thing to appreciate, 
Take it, a cliche, a rainbow, a sunset,
These are few and far between, but oh, they are magnificent.

Stop and breath it in, do not be clever for a moment, embrace it,
Soon it will fade away, as these thing are wont to do, 
And there will be another reason to be angry, or disappointed,
Something else to tweet about, another tirade started.

But if you have it taken a little time to smell the roses, savor red wine,
To paint a picture or love a friend, read a good book start to end,
Then when the world bites and your heart is broken, 
And you can not take back words in anger spoken, 
You will not need Gods or Horoscopes, fairy rings, mediums or empty hope,
You will have these moments you captured in time, 
When it was you and the world, and the world was just fine.  


Anonymous said...

Love-it...so true!

Siobhán said...

Oh, thank you :-)