Friday, January 20, 2012

Blog Post:Poem: Potential

It broke my heart a little bit, talking to this lovely boy,
He is pretending for his friends, who know anyway and don't care,
He is worried about his Da’, an ‘auld bully of a man
And is so scared of what everyone is going to say.

I told him, someday you’ll leave here,
and all the terrible hard things about being a teenager
will melt away to nothing again, and you’ll be happy
when everyone loves you for who you are.

He can’t see it yet, but he’s going to be magnificent,
I can tell by the spark in his eye, the brightness of him
and the fact that he shines already, still putting himself together
and working out how to become a grown up.

In a year or so he'll leave school behind, where they bully him,
He'll not be afraid to be himself anymore, free of them,
Away from small minds and mean names he will blossom.
When he finds his place in the world he is going to be amazing. 

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