Thursday, April 9, 2009

I should really be in bed...

Its late now and I cannot sleep, still
Going over figures in my head and trying to make
Something out of my pockets full of nothing.

When I thought that I was being sensible
I was making all of the wrong choices
And no matter how I add them up there is not enough
Just to pay what needs to be paid, and live.

In the past it has taken less then this
For everything to spiral away from me
And with every part of myself I try to resist
The urge to bury worries in a bottle, as is our way.

Things seem harder today then they need to be
And I am tired, having no fight left, just for the moment.


Anonymous said...

'Just pay was needs to be paid, and live' = 'Just pay what needs to be paid, and live' Yes?
I agree with that line whole heartily. Life is short!

Zimbardo said...

Yep... damn typos...