Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pension Levy

Pretty much the first bunch of weekly paid staff were hit with the pension levy today, we recieved detailed information about this levy and a few points stuck out with me.

'Other than the President of Ireland and members of the Judiciary, the legislation does
not stipulate any exemptions.'

'Unlike the Income Tax Levy, the Act does not provide for any exemptions to be
made from the PRD should an individual hold a Medical Card.' (medical cards are means tested, so even those on lower incomes will have to pay the so called levy - but lets be honest and call it an additional tax)

'All remuneration will be subject to the PRD – regardless of whether or not this income is deemed pensionable or non-pensionable. This includes, but is not limited to, all overtime payments, “acting up” payments and allowances (pensionable or non-pensionable) that are payable.'

The unfairness of taxing one section of society is obvious to everyone, the fact that even those on lower incomes will be hit by this tax is unfair.

At the moment, in the current climate, many people are already struggling to make ends meet and this tax will only add to the stresses and difficulties that they are facing, this will certainly have a knock-on effect throughout soceity.

The Government is attepting to pit public sector against private sector in a bid to take attention from their own inept decisions in the past, we need to ensure that they are not successful.

Ireland has, under a FF goverenment, experienced dramatic economic growth in recent years, but no provision was made 'for a rainy day'

The current Taoiseach was previously the Minister for Finance, so there is no one that he can pass blame too.

Once again, those who work for this country in the public sector are being punished for governmental mistakes.

So what are we going to do about it?

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