Monday, May 3, 2010

Poem: Things we won't do now.

We will never go out at one o’clock in the day and drink until the pub closes,
Stumbling home to cold Chinese food in your house.

We will never have a ’do nothing day’ and wander around town, penniless
Looking at pretty things that we do not have the money to buy.

We will never have another fight about something thoughtless
That one of us said to upset the other.

We will never decide that it doesn’t matter and laugh at the reasons behind it
Over cans of cheap beer and cigarettes.

We will never get in trouble again, for not being able to keep
Any of the secrets we are told from each other.

We will never gossip shamelessly about everybody that we know
For hours and hours on the phone.

We will never get stoned and lie on the floor, listening to music
And singing along tunelessly.

We will never dress up in suits and traditional white dresses,
And make forever promises to each other.

We will never have even one more second where we are together.

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